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Hello, my name is Sally Gura. I am a full stack web developer and this is my personal web site.
    Thanks for visiting!

I began a blog here a few months back. But really, I'd rather write fiction. I think I'll post photos here, for now.

Hurricane Irma Week Sept 2017

A sequence ending Sept 13

Things that were good

Broken cactus growing back

Guest room looking nice

Neighbor kitty started visiting

Calm before storm
Things that were weird

Trip to AL, escaping Irma

Tiny floating plants

Gecko looks bodiless, wants human flesh

Southern Food in AL

B-Day Drink in Curvy Glass

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Eclipse Week 2017

A sequence ending Aug 24

Daytona Beach Reptile Show


He's happy!



Very cool eyes

Eye see you

Favorite snek



The cuteness, it hurts!

Shh. I'm listening. With my hole.

Day after reptile show, chameleon cloud.

Eclipse people at *bucks. Spectacular eclipse!

Lightning too but Android couldn't catch, hub's iPhone did :[

Oops, glass shards in sausage. Crunchy.

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