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Hello, my name is Sally Gura and this is my personal web site.
    Thanks for visiting!

Everyone says do a blog, but really, I'd rather write fiction. Instead, I'm posting some random photos here.
Whatever has caused you to surf my way, have a happy surfing day! :)

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Feb / March 2018

What has happened to...

CAT - likes sinks, daughter is keeping him,
named him Rogue, weight healthy now!

DUCKS - nest looks good,
crows have not hijacked

TREE - chopped off Charley's head,
we'll see what happens
February on a Date Night stumbled upon..

Chinese Balloons let loose
from a park

Dozens of them, all streaming
away in the same direction

Would love it if one landed in my yard, how fun!

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2017 wrap up and then BAM 2018!

Dec / Jan 2018

Beginning the new year with...

MIST - always weird when foggy but WARM,
seems odd to a native Northwesterner

CAT - rescued a kitty
7 pounds skin n bones!

DUCKS - new nest in garden

TREE - Charley Brown is now
too big for pot and patio

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Window Shopping

December end 2017

It isn't about $pending, at least not for me!

It's about Texture

And the Richness of Color

so much Color

Eye Candy with Shapes

And Design

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Husband Shenanigans

November end 2017

Woke up to make coffee!

But my recycled "cup" was staring at me

Even the French Press

And the half n half twins

Btw if you recycle a salsa jar
the lid says "hot" which you
can apply to yourself
every morn as a compliment

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October end 2017

Found the Bass Pro Mothership!

Holy Giza Batman!

Stumbled upon this pyramid
by accident, on the way
back to FL from TN

I love fireplaces, who doesn't!

Fishes and ducks live inside this place

This pic went dark, made it sort of a
spooky backwater place you don't
actually want to shop in..

Can go to pyramid's top for $$ ..didn't

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October 2017

For me, the Ocean is sought out for both happy and sad times

When sea foam runs amok

It really takes over

I visit on happy days, low tide days, ..and sad days

Not a black n white photo, just a dark day

I lost someone.

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Weather Changes in Florida

September end 2017

It changes! FAST and LOUD.

You start with this

Then the ominous comes, fast

Then you get this

So you unplug your lightning-sensitive devices
and paint Purple Rain Sprinkles' egg indoors


Book cover too :)

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Arizona! Sept 2017

September 2017

The planned trip to AZ, 1st..getting there

Airport layover, Dallas

I love clouds

Arrival in Bullshead AZ
from Bullshead City, took a road Trip to Flagstaff

Flagstaff fall colors!

I love old 50's style diners.. for some reason.

The menu is fun too.

Lowell Observatory!
& drumroll.... GRAND CANYON!

Panoramas, gotta love 'em. Seeing it for the first time made me tear up, was much cooler than I thought it would be.

Misc shots.

Fun places, fun places everywhere!

I found rockhound paradise.

Stretch-the-legs stops were made.

Wanted to see this one since a kid!
Perfect end to Grand Canyon day!

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Hurricane Irma Week Sept 2017

September 2017

Things that were good

Broken cactus growing back

Guest room looking nice

Neighbor kitty started visiting

Calm before storm
Things that were weird

Impromptu trip to AL, escaping Irma

Tiny floating plants

Gecko looks bodiless, wants human flesh

Southern Food in AL

B-Day Drink in Curvy Glass

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Eclipse Week 2017Aug 2017

August 2017

Daytona Beach Reptile Show


He's happy!



Very cool eyes

Eye see you

Favorite snek



The cuteness, it hurts!

Shh. I'm listening. With my hole.

Day after reptile show, chameleon cloud.

Eclipse people at *bucks. Spectacular eclipse!

Lightning too but Android couldn't catch, hub's iPhone did :[

Oops, glass shards in sausage. Crunchy.

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